About the project

COIRICH core business is to:

  • Provide access to end-users at the scientific instrumentation available in the laboratories of the COIRICH distributed Infrastructure;
  • Manage and improve available instrumentation at the infrastructure, and enhance the know how exchange between participants, guaranteeing the coherency to the international standards;
  • Contribute to the definition of International standards in the field of conservation and analysis of the Cultural Heritage and the related research;
  • Engage in research and development projects in the field of Cultural Heritage at regional, national and international levels, also through the application for national and UE financial support;
  • Promote the development, in the users experience sectors, of applications that employ technologies like those in the scientific public and private field and the services;
  • Promote and participate to outreach initiatives in the field of Cultural Heritage;

Italian network laboratories

International network Laboratories

Example for Neutrons and Syncrotron Light.